For Concentrates: R² Containers with Child-resistant Caps

R2Made from recycled milk jugs, R² Containers are manufactured specifically for the cannabis industry. The resin used to make these containers is FDA-approved for packaging both medicine and food.

R² Containers are eco-friendly, created from high density polyethylene (HDPE-2). Manufactured in the U.S. and BPA-free, this resin meets stringent purity standards through a patented cleaning process that eliminates all contaminants without exposing the resin to any chemical treatments or processes.

The resin also meets strict sustainability standards and, according to EPA data, it accounts for far less environmental impact than virgin resin used in other containers. Production of recycled resin uses 90% less energy and emits 78% less greenhouse gases than virgin resin.

Recycled and recyclable, R² Containers won’t affect the recycling stream adversely.

Please call for pricing: 720-583-6535. Volume discounts available. Minimum orders may apply.

 1/8th oz. – 33mm Jar

1.8_33Fits approximately .5 grams or 3.8 drams
 1300 jars per jar
Height: 0.96″
Inside opening diameter: 1.04″
Maximum fill volume: 8 ml



 1/4th oz. – 33mm Jar

14Fits approximately .25 grams
2000 jars per case
Height: 1.13″
Inside opening diameter: 1.13″
Maximum fill volume: 14 ml



 1/2 oz. – 33mm Jar

12Fits approximately 1 gram or 5.7 drams
1500 jars per case
Height: 1.54″
Inside opening diameter: 1.07″
Maximum fill volume: 21 ml


 1/2 oz. – 38mm Jar

1238Fits approximately 1 gram or 5.1 drams
1400 jars per case
Height: 1.06″
Inside opening diameter: 1.29″
Maximum fill volume: 19 ml

33mm Child-resistant Caps in black or white – 2000 per case

38mm Child-resistant Caps in black or white – 1500 per case