For Concentrates: Containers with Child-resistant Caps

These jars are perfect for packaging small quantities of concentrate. Coupled with child-resistant closures, they provide safety and discretion. The jars are stocked in opaque black or opaque white but can be ordered in custom colors. All of our concentrate jars are manufactured in the U.S., are BPA-free, and are available in food-grade virgin polypropylene.

Please call for pricing: 720-583-6535. Offered by the case. Volume discounts available.

1/8th oz. – 33mm Jar

1.8_33Fits approximately .25 grams
1300 jars per jar
Height: 0.96″
Inside opening diameter: 1.04″
Maximum fill volume: 8 ml



1/4th oz. – 33mm Jar

14Fits approximately .5 grams or 3.8 drams
2000 jars per case
Height: 1.13″
Inside opening diameter: 1.13″
Maximum fill volume: 14 ml



1/2 oz. – 33mm Jar

12Fits approximately 1 gram or 5.7 drams
1500 jars per case
Height: 1.54″
Inside opening diameter: 1.07″
Maximum fill volume: 21 ml


1/2 oz. – 38mm Jar

1238Fits approximately 1 gram or 5.1 drams
1400 jars per case
Height: 1.06″
Inside opening diameter: 1.29″
Maximum fill volume: 19 ml

33mm Child-resistant Caps in black or white – 2000 per case

38mm Child-resistant Caps in black or white – 1500 per case