For Eighth Ounces to Quarter Ounces of Flower and for Smaller Portions of Edibles: Containers with Child-resistant Caps

These jars have a wider mouth allowing for easy access to your product. Whether the jars are used to package an eighth ounce of flower or to bundle smaller edibles, the contents are protected. A child-resistant cap serves to preserve freshness and allows for discretion. The jars are stocked in opaque black or opaque white but can be ordered in custom colors. All of our jars are manufactured in the U.S., are BPA-free, and are available in food-grade virgin polypropylene.

Please call for pricing: 720-583-6535. Offered by the case. Volume discounts available.

oz. – 53mm Jar

2oz.53Fits approximately 1/8th oz. – or 3 to 5 grams – or 21 drams
792 per case
Height: 1.81″
Inside opening diameter: 1.86″
Maximum fill volume: 76 ml



4 oz. – 53mm Jar

4oz.53Fits approximately 1/4th oz. – or 6 to 7.5 grams – or 34 drams
450 per case
Height: 3.01″
Inside opening diameter: 1.84″
Maximum fill volume: 124 ml



6 oz. – 53mm Jar      

6oz.53Fits approximately a quarter ounce + or 60 drams
520 per case
Height: 4.31″
Inside opening diameter: 1.84″
Maximum fill volume: 178 ml




53mm Child-resistant Caps in black or white – 750 per case